Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Our Class Wiki - So Far

In the wiki, I am contributing for 'New media in transportation.'  There are contents blow before I worked on this.
1 Daily Transit
2 The Auto Industry
3 The Airline Industry
4 The Cruise Industry
5 Travel Companions and Ratings
In Daily transit, I have added  to see how some of works we can visit the LIRR page. (there was MTA page also.) And additionaly, I writed about the situation that if the lost of the metrocard. Usually, It cannot be replaced. However, 14-Day and 30-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard and the 7-Day Express Bus MetroCard provide balance protection if purchased with a credit card or debit/atm card. So, it is better to buy the card with a credit card or debit/atm card than cash.
In airline industry, I have added discount things when we order the ticket online. For instance, in jetblue website, they shows featured webfare. (http://www.jetblue.com/) Additionally, they send an e-mail for promotion fare whenever they have.


  1. I agree with you on buying metrocard with your credit or debit card. Because 4-5 months a go i bought a monthly metrocard and i only used for liek 10 days and it stopped working but thank god i bought that with my credit card. i called them and they refunded my 20 lefts of money.

  2. Hm, I did not know MTA cards had protection when buying them with Credit or Debit cards.

  3. I also never new metro cards had balance protection. Thats good to know especially if I lose mine.

  4. That is why I always buy metro card by credit card in case i lost it.

  5. It happened to me once, bought it for cash and lost it. So I called MTA and they say to pay by credit/debit next time. Since that, I always pay by a card.