Thursday, April 22, 2010

Privacy & Confidentiality

After there are a lot of peopel who are using the internet, it has a lot of cons and pro. Above of the pros is the privacy and confidentiality. Privacy and confidentiality is one of the major issues with new media because the technology offers so many benefits and everyone knows that there must be some negativesThe internet place is very dangerous if the user goes into it without proper understanding of the scope of the enviroment. When a person uses the internet, he or she is free to look up almost any information that they are interested in, but in the same regard, they are exposed to all kinds of threats, predators, and viruses. The internet is one of the key components of new media and together they have definitely improved global communication in the past decade. However as new media becomes more apart of society, the amount of private information being put online is exponential. From examples of people losing their jobs because of information they put on Facebook to news articles of online predators, identity theft, and viruses, many people are wondering how safe it is to go online. New media has its pros and cons and every user wants the freedom to use the technology, but know that they are not at risk.

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  1. It is really hard to keep info safe when you are online. Sometime NO matter how hard you try, you will trap and won't be able to do anything and this is all because of advancing technology.